Ken Paves Salon



From a young age, Britt was exposed to the beauty world! After years of watching, observing, and cleaning toilets at her mother’s salon, Britt knew she was going to follow in her footsteps. Eager to be creative, Britt started cutting hair after hours (obviously her mother had no idea she was using the salon) when she was 16. It was no shock that right after high school, Britt was excited and ready to start her education, becoming one step closer to her dream of being a hairstylist for the stars! After graduating, Britt promised her parents she would wait until she was 21 before leaving her small town (population 8,000) for the HOLLYWOOD DREAM! (Which at the time was Burbank because she had NO idea). Two months after her birthday, she was packed and on the road headed west.
Britt landed her first job in Los Angeles at Prive’, working as an assistant for 3 years before graduating to having her own chair!

The next part of the story starts with…Once Upon A Dream, because Britt’s life dream had come true. Ken Paves himself had requested an interview, and after 6 years of experience she was ready for the job! Britt describes this opportunity as once in a lifetime! Working with A-list celebrities, photo shoots, editorial, print work, magazine write-ups, fashion weeks, traveling the world for QVC appearances!! (Just to name a few things). Having built such a close relationship with Ken, Britt knew in her heart that working for Ken Paves was her passion, but working with him was her ultimate DREAM! So cutting directly to the good part where Britt and her best friend Jillian are now the current equal partners at the new and improved Ken PavesSalon! A place where the one and only goal is to create a cultural destination for everyone to feel beautiful and welcomed. Anyone who has met Ken, Britt, or Jillian will tell you about the magical partnership that oozes love and passion through the walls!
THE END (But truly just the beginning).