Ken Paves Salon



Jillian grew up in Fort Lauderdale and relocated to Los Angeles in early 2000. She immediately fell into the nightlife industry where she was bartending and running the doors at all the hottest clubs in Hollywood. She ended up creating some amazing relationships through the industry. She still wasn’t quite fulfilled and randomly applied for a Salon Manager position at the Ken Paves Salon. She was hired and ended up running the salon for many years.

Jillian absolutely loved running the salon and working in nightlife, but she decided that she wanted to move to New York and start traveling. Over the past few years, she has traveled all over the world. She’s traveled to Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Venice, Florence, Rome, Greece and many more where she spent her time exploring the culture. After staying in some of her favorite resorts like the Marina Bay Sands and Intercontinental she knew that was the type of service and experience she wanted to bring back to LA.

Jillian always knew she was made to be in the customer service industry. She thrives over having the control of each individual’s experience. She knew that merging her nightlife connections with her cultural experiences would be the perfect marriage!

Jillian and Britt had been best friends for over a decade and had always talked about opening a salon. Both of them brought completely different things to the table and they wanted to share that with people. They both loved and adored Ken and knew he would be the perfect addition. The girls eventually propositioned Ken to partner up with them and the three of them have been creating magic ever since!